Episode 72: Amy Lawrence | CBS Sports Radio “After Hours” Host

Episode 72: Amy Lawrence | CBS Sports Radio “After Hours” Host

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Rich Take On Sports

Show Notes:

  • Rich Spotlight: Amy Lawrence
    • She’s always been a night owl and fell in love with sports at an early age where she played all sports
    • Loves sports because of the teamwork and she’s very competitive
    • Has fond memories of following Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics listening to Johnny Most and Glenn Ordway on the radio
    • Told people that she wanted to be the female version of Johnny Most
    • Graduated from Messiah College and received her Master’s from Syracuse University
    • Best advice she received in the industry is from Bob Barry, “You haven’t made it in this business until you’ve been fired twice.”
    • Faith has always been a big part of her life since she was 6 years old
    • Mission trips have been very impactful for her and they make you realize how blessed we are in America
    • A highlight in her sports career was as a host of Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN and breaking the news that Osama Bin Laden had been killed
    • She’s so thankful for sports she learned lessons about cooperation, teamwork, and communication
    • Words of Wisdom from Amy Lawrence: “Figure out what you’re good at and turn it into your job.”

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About the author, Richmond Weaver

Richmond, a graduate of Clemson University has been involved with sports for most of his life and developed a passion for basketball and sports at an early age. He currently lives in Greenville, SC with his wife Karen, founder of Upstate Esthetics and their three kids.

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