Episode 80: Jim Abbott | 10-Year MLB Veteran Pitcher

Episode 80: Jim Abbott | 10-Year MLB Veteran Pitcher

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Show Notes:

  • Rich Spotlight: Jim Abbott
    • Continues to workout but focuses more on cardio than weights and feels that he should have focused more on flexibility during his playing days
    • One of the biggest challenges of being a starting pitcher is maintaining positivity after a bad performance because you have to wait until you get to play again
    • Seemed to be friends with the guys in the clubhouse who were pranksters like Robin Ventura
    • Growing up in Flint, MI sports was a big part of the community and he wanted to be involved but often times felt lonely due to his disability of being born without a right hand
    • Could always throw things but even as a major league pitcher he had self-doubt of his ability
    • Some of the toughest hitters he faced were George Brett, Edgar Martinez, and Dave Henderson
    • Game before September 4, 1993 was a very poor performance so for this game vs. the Indians Jim didn’t have any expectations and it wasn’t until almost the 7th inning that he realized he was working on a no-hitter
    • The no-hitter was one of the most special days in his life and wishes that everyone could experience the electricity of NYC after a special sporting moment
    • Loves watching sports, loves the competition of sports and how it’s a window into someone’s life
    • Words of Wisdom from Jim Abbott: “Just embrace it and don’t take things for granted.”

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To Find Out More Information About Jim Abbott: Jim Abbott

Jim Abbott’s Autobiography: Imperfect: An Improbable Life

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