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Episode 79: C.J. Spiller | NFL Veteran and Former Clemson All-American

Episode 79: C.J. Spiller | NFL Veteran and Former Clemson All-American

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Rich Take On Sports

Show Notes:

  • Rich Spotlight: C.J. Spiller
    • Not officially retired at this point from the NFL but even he was retired he will continue to stay in shape and workout
    • Tough not being a training camp because that is such a normal feeling for him
    • Faith has been a big part of his life thanks to his grandparents and especially his grandmother
    • Grew up a Warrick Dunn and FSU fan while his and grandmother was a Fred Taylor and Florida fan
    • Alabama never offered him a scholarship and he feels that it’s so ironic now that there is such a battle between Clemson and Alabama
    • Tough decision to choose Clemson but he always felt comfortable with that decision because he knew it was his decision
    • Biggest moment for him at Clemson was the first touchdown he scored in college against Boston College
    • Even though he never adjusted to the cold weather in Buffalo, he still considers Buffalo one of his favorite places because it reminded him of his hometown and Clemson because of the community love
    • Transitioning to the NFL is tough for many players because so much is on you personally with not much oversight from coaches
    • Coaching football is something that he’s considering as his next chapter once he officially retires
    • Grew up in a small-town and sports was really all you had and sports teaches you about life where you find out who you are as a person
    • Words of Wisdom from C.J. Spiller: “Just be who you are and focus on giving back.”

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About the author, Richmond Weaver

Richmond, a graduate of Clemson University has been involved with sports for most of his life and developed a passion for basketball and sports at an early age. He currently lives in Greenville, SC with his wife Karen, founder of Upstate Esthetics and their three kids.

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