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Jason Barrett | President of Barrett Sports Media and Sports Radio Consultant

Episode 103: Jason Barrett | President of Barrett Sports Media and Sports Radio Consultant

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Rich Take On Sports

Show Notes:

  • Rich Spotlight: Jason Barrett
    • Making people Laugh, allowing listeners to Learn, and being Likable are the 3 qualities of successful sports talk radio hosts
    • Never felt that he a great host but was a good producer
    • Always loved sports and reading about NY sports and WFAN was his first experience to sports talk radio (Mike and the Mad Dog)
    • Was a musician (drummer) before moving into a sports talk radio career
    • Found a small station in upstate NY  and did everything… writing, clips, producing, selling and learned the business from the inside
    • Did a wrestling show once a week (Sunday night 9-11 PM)
    • Worked at ESPN for 2 years with hosts like Doug Gottlieb, Dan Patrick, John Seibel, Freddie Coleman
    • Eventually started building stations and 101 ESPN in St. Louis is one of the stations he built and now celebrates 10-years
    • Didn’t want to be in a situation where he missed his son’s high school career because he was chasing ratings so he moved back to NY from San Francisco
    • Turned down opportunities to be a producer again in order to found Barrett Sports Media (BSM) and create sportsradiopd.com
    • Words of Wisdom from Jason Barrett: “Adversity causes some to break and others to break records.”

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About the author, Richmond Weaver

Richmond, a graduate of Clemson University has been involved with sports for most of his life and developed a passion for basketball and sports at an early age. He currently lives in Greenville, SC with his wife Karen, founder of Upstate Esthetics and their three kids.

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