Matt Stover | 19-year NFL Veteran Kicker & 2x Super Bowl Champion

Episode 97: Matt Stover | 19-year NFL Veteran Kicker & 2x Super Bowl Champion

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Show Notes:

  • Rich Spotlight: Matt Stover
    • Co-founded the Player’s Philanthropy Fund which that enables athletes, entertainers and other philanthropists to create a dedicated fund that can accept tax-deductible contributions in support of any qualified charitable mission
    • Has always been a hard worker even with somewhat of a privileged childhood
    • Never wanted to have any regrets in life and Jeremiah [21:11] has been an impactful verse in his life
    • In 1992, he suffered a herniated disk but continued to kick until he finally gave everything to God and his career took off in 1993
    • Would help the Ravens win Super Bowl XXXV
    • Has always believed that the NFL was a quick start to life but not a means to an end
    • Was more intimidated at home games when everything was very quiet and he could hear other players talking directly to him
    • He would practice pressure kicks in practice and ask teammates to make it very hard for him to concentrate and Tony Siragusa dropped his pants in front him during one practice
    • He doesn’t miss the mental grind of the game these days
    • Realized that his purpose was bigger than just being a kick during Super Bowl XLIV vs the New Orleans Saints when he missed the last kick of his career and still pointed up to God giving him praise which led to people talking about God
    • Words of Wisdom from Matt Stover: “God loves you no matter what and his grace is sufficient which gives you freedom.”

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