Why FAILURE is only FAILURE TO TRY with Vince Thompson

Show Notes:

  • Vince will always wear his Auburn school colors with pride because it was really Auburn that shaped him
  • Grew up in a small town (Chatom, AL) where his dad was Mayor and going to Auburn was an eye-opening experience
  • A journalism class taught by Auburn’s Sports Information Director, David Housel would change his course at Auburn after he asked David if he could be involved
  • Vince would intern in the sports information department and be published in the Auburn Plainsman
  • Wanted to be a sportswriter because he wanted to be involved with sports and loved the storytelling and has fond memories of reading Sports Illustrated
  • He’s never been afraid to ask and would have his parents take him to Atlanta during the summer to see the Cincinnati Reds play the Braves and would call the Reds organization to find out what hotel they were staying in to meet the players
  • First job after graduating Auburn was at a bank in Birmingham and he was fired in six months
  • Would meet Richard Scrushy, founder of HealthSouth and eventually would work at HealthSouth for 6 years as VP, Marketing & Communications
  • Founded MELT (Marketing, Entertainment, Leisure, & Trends) marketing agency in 2000 which is now one of the premier sports marketing and entertainment agency in the nation
  • Three things continue to motivate Vince: Taking care of his family; doing the best work in the world; pivoting the business
  • Words of Wisdom from Vince Thompson: “Change is inevitable; growth is optional. Choose wisely.”

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About the author, Richmond Weaver

Richmond, a graduate of Clemson University has been involved with sports for most of his life and developed a passion for basketball and sports at an early age. He currently lives in Greenville, SC with his wife Karen, founder of Upstate Esthetics and their three kids.

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