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FINDING your place through SPORTS with Sarah Spain

By Richmond Weaver | Mar 26, 2021

Show Notes:Sports allowed Sarah to find her place and fit in even at an early ageHer family was always active in sports by playing various sports but her parents were never considered sportspeopleIt was a magical time living in Chicago during the Jordan years and she basically cried the first time she got to meet…

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Brian Kight: Daily DISCIPLINE to outlast the cynics

By Richmond Weaver | Feb 26, 2021

Show Notes: Completed a social media cleanse in 2020 and continued to prove to Brian that as humans we’re not meant to handle all of the content available We have to be careful because emotions can be contagious and addictive at the same time He first felt freedom on the football field and even though…

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The TRANSFORMATION power of a COFFEE BEAN with Damon West

By Richmond Weaver | Jan 22, 2021

Show Notes: Damon realizes that every day is a gift and often times it’s even hard for him to understand his journey Grew up in Port Arthur, TX where his dad, Bob West, was the Sports Editor for the “Port Arthur News” and he describes Port Arthur as a melting pot It wasn’t until he…

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Doing BETTER in life by always LEARNING with Alystia Moore

By Richmond Weaver | Dec 18, 2020

Show Notes: Sports have always been part of her family as her grandfather played college basketball and was a high school basketball coach Comes from a military family with her parents being in the Army Her parents played basketball and whenever her family moved they would always try to find out what basketball team she…

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Dr. Kent Ellington: The quest for PERFECTION

By Richmond Weaver | Nov 20, 2020

Show Notes: Son of an Air Force pilot and mechanical engineer and he’s always loved the challenge of building things Was the scrappy guy on the basketball court and loved basketball Wanted to be an Air Force pilot like his dad but having to wear glasses would derail that dream Continues the quest with each…

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Kelly Brooks: Facilitating OPPORTUNITIES through SPORTS

By Richmond Weaver | Oct 16, 2020

Show Notes: Saw the power of having opportunities through sports firsthand with his sisters playing college basketball and what it has allowed him to do in his career Once you’re a coach, you’ll always be a coach Loves coaching because of his passion for helping others and facilitating those opportunities that create a positive transformation…

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Choosing how you LIVE your life with Ben Newman

By Richmond Weaver | Sep 18, 2020

Show Notes: Grew up in St. Louis but was a Chicago Cubs fan watching games on WGN Lost his mom just before his 8th birthday and her gift of showcasing how to fight still inspires him today Would attend Michigan St. University through the life insurance policy his mom had which enabled him to understand…

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Steffi Sorensen: Determination to BELIEVE in YOURSELF

By Richmond Weaver | Sep 4, 2020

Steffi is recovering from her 3rd shoulder surgery Her parents knew immediately that she had a different drive and determination at an early age She’s always looked up to her older brother and would always want to compete with and against him Her dad and uncle founded Firehouse Subs She loved tennis more at an…

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Rich Take on Sports

We all know that there is a direct connection between the sports we watch and our daily lives. Learn more about how this connections affects your daily life by listening to this great podcast. Richmond asks some great questions of his guests.

by jasoncavnesshr from United States

Great sports conversations

Really enjoyed the conversation about what’s under the tip of the iceberg bearing the guests backgrounds

by Tony_PharmD from United States


Awesome podcast! This goes deep into the mindset, strategies, and techniques that make athletes great at their sport. A lot can be learned from this show. I enjoyed episode #50 with Woody.

by Duffash from United States

Great take on an old topic!

I love listening to these fresh takes on sports. It makes watching games so much more exciting when you have all of this information too. Great podcast, loved listening to it!

by Kendie-93 from United States

Great podcast about sport, people and life

Great podcast, hosted by a real sports lover and professional. Richmond is doing magic in combining fascinating interviews with great sports people and some interesting insights about life, excellence, dedication and more

by Reach or Miss from United States

My go-to sports podcast!

So... admittedly I've always had a hard time getting into sports but feel so left out in sports convos. This show puts a unique spin on sports by making sports more relevant to my daily life and now for the FIRST time ever, I can join sports convos! I wasn't expectign to like sports as much as I do now, so thanks Rich!

by Melissa - Mind Love Podcast from United States

The BEST Take on Sports Around:)

I mainly consume sports through "30 for 30" documentaries because I LOVE a good story. That's why I love Rich's take on sports in his outstanding podcast. There is a reason we are so captivated by our favorite team and high stakes games and great sports rivals. These kinds of narratives have the power to bring people together and form lasting bonds. My brother is a recent Clemson grad and I had the pleasure of going to a game during their championship season. It's a memory my brother and I will never forget. I was so excited to hear Tim Bourret's discussion. I can't wait to glean more insight from Rich and his stellar lineup of guests!

by Story Spectacular from United States

Great Conversational Content

Rich does a great job of talking to me as if he and I were sitting down to discuss an upcoming game. Kick back, have your drink of choice, and give Rich a listen.

by JV Crum III from United States

Good for families who love sports

I love to listen to this so that I can stay in the loop with my husband and kids who love sports.

by WildAfricaVet from United States

Sports Nut? Here's your podcast!

You're either a sports nut or you're not. You know who you are – don't deny it. Now, I know you probably consume lots of sports content already, but you're going to need to make some room for this gem of a show. You can thank me later.

by The Marketing Book Podcast from United States