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Quincy Avery | Quarterback Takeover President

By Richmond Weaver | Jan 10, 2020

Show Notes:Dad played NFL & college football and served as an assistant coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers under Tony DungyHis dad went missing before a game in 2000 vs the Atlanta Falcons because of a drug addictionQuincy played at Morehouse College but always wanted to be a head coach of an NFL teamAfter college,…

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Rashard Hall | Clemson Football Director of Professional & Career Development

By Richmond Weaver | Dec 27, 2019

Show Notes: His discipline can be traced back to his parents growing up in St. Augustine, FL Saw first hand from friends that did make it by listening to wise counsel and ones that didn’t because they didn’t listen to wise counsel Loved basketball early because his dad played basketball at FAMU and had a…

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Kevin Johnson | Pace Academy Offensive Line Coach

By Richmond Weaver | Dec 13, 2019

Show Notes: Currently changing his lifestyle of eating and exercise because of his obesity which he knew would eventually kill him Listened to the book “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins which motivated him to start changing his health Grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, NY and basketball was his first love in sports…

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Rennie Curran | NFL Veteran & Game Changer Coaching CEO

By Richmond Weaver | Nov 29, 2019

Show Notes: Parents came to America from Liberia and Rennie’s mom went to Emory University Going back to Liberia as an adult was very powerful and has much more appreciation for everything in life His goal is to build a state-of-the-art training facility for sports and education in Liberia Starting playing football for the Brookwood…

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Grady Jarrett | All-Pro Atlanta Falcons Defensive Tackle

By Richmond Weaver | Nov 15, 2019

Show Notes: Wants to help improve the lives of others and believes in being a servant leader Support from his family has been very important to him Growing up never had a relationship with former Atlanta Falcons star Jesse Tuggle but does now Found wrestling after he didn’t make the 8th-grade basketball team and would become…

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Don Munson | Clemson University Director of Broadcasting

By Richmond Weaver | Nov 1, 2019

Show Notes: Does not refer to himself as the “Voice of the Tigers” as he believes that Jim Philips will always be the “Voice” Don’s college roommate Mike Gore got him into broadcasting at Appalachian St. University His Dad was born in Atlanta and was a Presbyterian minister and worked in a radio ministry and…

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Kendall Joseph | 2x National Champion Clemson University Linebacker

By Richmond Weaver | Oct 18, 2019

Show Notes: Transition is very tough because he has been defined by football even though he didn’t want to be defined by football Finding peace in life though now that football is over knowing that it wasn’t in God’s plan for him Soccer was the first sport he remembers playing because his dad loved soccer…

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Kelly Gramlich | Sports Radio Host & ACC Network Basketball Analyst

By Richmond Weaver | Oct 4, 2019

Show Notes: Comes from a sports family with her mom playing tennis at Duke, her brother John played college basketball and her dad jokingly drank beer for Oklahoma Her brother helped push her and played a significant part in her playing college basketball at Clemson University Her dream from a very young age was to…

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Rich Take on Sports

We all know that there is a direct connection between the sports we watch and our daily lives. Learn more about how this connections affects your daily life by listening to this great podcast. Richmond asks some great questions of his guests.

by jasoncavnesshr from United States

Great sports conversations

Really enjoyed the conversation about what’s under the tip of the iceberg bearing the guests backgrounds

by Tony_PharmD from United States


Awesome podcast! This goes deep into the mindset, strategies, and techniques that make athletes great at their sport. A lot can be learned from this show. I enjoyed episode #50 with Woody.

by Duffash from United States

Great take on an old topic!

I love listening to these fresh takes on sports. It makes watching games so much more exciting when you have all of this information too. Great podcast, loved listening to it!

by Kendie-93 from United States

Great podcast about sport, people and life

Great podcast, hosted by a real sports lover and professional. Richmond is doing magic in combining fascinating interviews with great sports people and some interesting insights about life, excellence, dedication and more

by Reach or Miss from United States

My go-to sports podcast!

So... admittedly I've always had a hard time getting into sports but feel so left out in sports convos. This show puts a unique spin on sports by making sports more relevant to my daily life and now for the FIRST time ever, I can join sports convos! I wasn't expectign to like sports as much as I do now, so thanks Rich!

by Melissa - Mind Love Podcast from United States

The BEST Take on Sports Around:)

I mainly consume sports through "30 for 30" documentaries because I LOVE a good story. That's why I love Rich's take on sports in his outstanding podcast. There is a reason we are so captivated by our favorite team and high stakes games and great sports rivals. These kinds of narratives have the power to bring people together and form lasting bonds. My brother is a recent Clemson grad and I had the pleasure of going to a game during their championship season. It's a memory my brother and I will never forget. I was so excited to hear Tim Bourret's discussion. I can't wait to glean more insight from Rich and his stellar lineup of guests!

by Story Spectacular from United States

Great Conversational Content

Rich does a great job of talking to me as if he and I were sitting down to discuss an upcoming game. Kick back, have your drink of choice, and give Rich a listen.

by JV Crum III from United States

Good for families who love sports

I love to listen to this so that I can stay in the loop with my husband and kids who love sports.

by WildAfricaVet from United States

Sports Nut? Here's your podcast!

You're either a sports nut or you're not. You know who you are – don't deny it. Now, I know you probably consume lots of sports content already, but you're going to need to make some room for this gem of a show. You can thank me later.

by The Marketing Book Podcast from United States